Michelle Verheijden

Michelle Verheijden was born and raised in Maastricht, the Netherlands. She earned her Bachelor of Medicine at the University of Maastricht. During her bachelor program, she worked as a transplant technician and took responsibilities for organ preservation and transplantation of kidneys. Furthermore, she rowed at the highest level in the in the women’s eight from the rowing association of Maastricht. From 2016 to 2019 she was a member in the board of KNMG District Limburg. In this board, she had a representative function and organized a variety of activities for doctors, postgraduates, and medical students.

Her interest in the management of skin conditions began during her elective at the department of dermatology (St. George hospital, Sydney). She had the pleasure to work together with Professor D. Murrell and her team, learned about the basics of dermatology, wrote reports for the Australian doctor magazine, and became proficient in English. Inspired by her international experience she is currently finishing her master thesis at the department of Dermatology at Maastricht University Medical Centre+.

In her free time, she enjoys staying active and being outdoors. She loves playing field hockey with her team, travelling and spending time with family and friends.

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How to become a dermatologist in the Netherlands!
How to become a dermatologist in the Netherlands!
Michelle Verheijden, Dedee F Murrell, Herm Martens